Honouring the Journey – Madeleine Thibault-Smith

I am proudly supporting this very worthy cause, one that I believe in very deeply. Dying with dignity, in the arms of compassion, surrounded by love seems to help us befriend the difficult parting… the loss of someone’s physical presence! After my husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis in 2012, I felt a deep pull from within to care for him at home all the way, which is what I was able… Read MoreHonouring the Journey – Madeleine Thibault-Smith »

Honouring The Journey – Petra Becker

I watched my Dad look after my Mom who was enduring the Alzheimer journey. Mom never made it to a Hospice and neither did Dad. It did turn my thoughts to family members who provided care for loved ones at the end stage of their lives. I started inquiring about what was happening with Hospice in Northumberland a few years before my Mom passed away in 2016. Selena Dack-Forsyth’s name… Read MoreHonouring The Journey – Petra Becker »

Honouring The Journey – Doug McCann

I first heard of hospice years ago in Burlington. No one quite knew what hospice was, had ever seen one. Our Rotary Club got behind it and said we’d build one. You think you’re building it for other people. Unfortunately, my wife Brenda fell ill and we began a 2.5-year journey. Initially, we made the decision she’d stay at home and I would learn to be her caregiver. Gradually, our… Read MoreHonouring The Journey – Doug McCann »

Honouring The Journey – Dr. Robert & Ann Scott

September 1992, the year of the Bosnian crisis, our local Rotary club was asked to find clothing and bedding to be shipped overseas. We put an ad in the newspaper and a lot of people asked us to come and pick up items. Colin Dowsett and I, two Rotarians, were helping. One day, while waiting to pick stuff up, Colin said he had recently been home to England. His terminally… Read MoreHonouring The Journey – Dr. Robert & Ann Scott »

Honouring The Journey – Dr. Bill Cross

My wife Anne and I are very involved supporters of the new Northumberland Hospice known as “Ed’s House.” I like to believe that all of us learn with life experience. My journey over the past 35 years in family medicine has brought me to a place where I now embrace the need for hospice as an option to palliative care. My first wife died from a brain tumour when I… Read MoreHonouring The Journey – Dr. Bill Cross »

Honouring The Journey – Linda Davis

My name is Linda Davis. I am the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Northumberland Hills Hospital in Cobourg, Ontario. As Northumberland County’s population continues to grow and age, the need for palliative care services will also continue to grow. Three hundred and thirty-five (335) patients received palliative care at Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) in 2017-18 — an increase of 16 per cent over the past two years alone,… Read MoreHonouring The Journey – Linda Davis »

Honouring The Journey – Jennifer Darrell

This project is really exciting and I feel so privileged to be serving on the Cabinet for fundraising for such a worthwhile project. My interest in hospices first started years ago. I grew up in Bermuda and, when my father was diagnosed in the 1970s with stomach cancer, I returned home to be with him and look after him during his last 10 days. Since my mother was in her… Read MoreHonouring The Journey – Jennifer Darrell »